Designer White

by C.S.M.G

Slab Size: 126"x64"

Slab SQFT: 56 SQFT

Price/SQFT: $42

Beloved for their versatility and functionality, white quartz countertops (also referred to as engineered quartz) are a timeless way to level up the look of kitchens big and small. Unlike marble and soapstone—which are derived entirely from quarries in nature—white quartz is an engineered stone that combines natural ground quartz (about 90 percent of the product) with resins, pigments, and crushed waste stone (like remnants of marble or granite). The end result is a stunning and sleek surface that has all the appeal of natural stone but boasts added benefits, like a nonporous composition that makes it practically impervious to scratches, dents, bacteria, and stains (aka no more fearing your favorite glass of red will leave a lasting impression in your kitchen).

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