Crema Marfil Vanity Top

by CornerStone Marble&Granites inc.
made it with 100% Spain Cremates Marfil Marble, carefully selected from the vast quarries in Spain; we decided to use over 100 years old experienced Spanish stone tech to produced these Pre-Fabricated Marble Vanity top, those countertops comes  with with 3 side pre-builded bullnose edge finishes. also choices between with a sink hole pre-cutouts or stay "blank".
This Marble vanity top has a depth size of 22" by length of 50"

countertop backsplash combo set:
each set comes with 1 pc of 4" x 50" tall backsplash. and 2 pcs of 4"x 22" side splashes 
Edge: Round Bullnose
Price/Set: $400 for the vanity only $450 for the combo set. 
Additional Backsplash: $50

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