Calacatta Laza

by CornerStone Marble&Granites inc.
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Size: 126"x64"

Slab SQFT: 56 SQFT

Price/SQFT: $62~$44


Calacatta Laza quartz is a classic in modern housing due to its timeless elegance and gorgeous simplicity. It closely resembles natural marble with its soft, brown veining subtly streaking across a milky white background. This veining gives it a sense of movement that can make any room come to life without overwhelming the design. Calacatta Laza quartz countertops are perfect for those looking to create a minimalistic look and feel to their house as the elegant design speaks for itself. Whether you’re looking to update the bath or kitchen, the possibilities of Calacatta Laza quartz are endless. Not to mention, Calacatta Laza quartz’s pattern can fit into both commercial and residential spaces with ease and grace. Calacatta Laza Quartz countertop price can vary based on the details of installation, including the amount of material and labor needed.

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